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The Healing Power of Wine


Get drunk on health

Essential in the table and the Mediterranean culture, the wine stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system, facilitates digestion without damaging the liver, protects the heart, is beneficial to the joints and lengthens life.

Alcohol, yes, but the just dosages

Wine has had a bad press, and not without reason, due to the consequences of its abuse, consequences produced by alcohol which is, after water, the most abundant component of wine. However, in the last decades other elements have been discovered in it that also produce important benefits in the body, especially as a preventive of heart disease.

From the 1970s onwards, a difference was established between wine consumption with pharmacological effects and toxic consumption. Generally, you could say that you are in a safety margin, and getting the most benefits from alcohol, if, in the case of men, do not exceed the consumption of half a liter per day, which should be reduced to the half in the case of women and no more than 2 or 3 cups per day for the elderly (since the enzymes that oxidize alcohol, muscle mass, blood and the amount of water present in the organism, all greater in the case of men).

The Five Commandments of Daily Drinking Knowledge

1. What to drink? Red wine, because it is rich in tannins
2. Why? For pleasure and for health
3. When? Only during meals
4. How? Very slowly
5. How much? One glass per meal for women and two for men
(According to M. Baspeyras in his book "Le vin médicin")