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There is a Wine for every Occasion


More than a wine for every meal there is a wine for every occasion. The reason, the time, the company, are all sufficient reasons to choose a fresh, casual or other more complex wine to taste slowly and enjoy each drink.

The ability to surprise a host resides in knowing how to choose the most suitable wine for each moment.

If you are going to take a wine alone, the best thing is a totally dry wine (without sugar) and neutral character. In snacks, however, a concentrated broth, of a marked character, is more suitable to help the palate to concentrate on the foods that will follow. A cava or champagne is perfect for this moment.

Depending on the meal there will also be more suitable wines than others: for a simple meal a good wine from the region will be perfect. However, the most elaborate meals are deserving of the best wines. In this case it is necessary to determine the order of service, taking into account a very important rule: the taste of the last wine served must never hide the previous one. To make this simpler, it is best to choose all the wines from the same region.

A wine for each season

Winter is the time to enjoy the privacy and comfort of the house. It is the opportunity to enjoy a good book or a good movie with a robust, structured, warm red wine.

When the days get longer and life begins to appear on the street, the terraces begin to fill and thus arise fruity, fresh and acidic white wines. These wines, moreover, are very suitable for the cold and informal meals of this time like the salads.

Regional Harmonies

The traditional European dishes have natural affinity with the meals elaborated in each region. The classic Rioja red wines with aging harmonize very well with grilled or grilled meats like lamb or beef. On the other hand, Galician white wines of the variety Albariño, are served very frequently to water the seafood dishes.

In many occasions the typical meals are prepared with broths of the region. If you are going to consume a food in whose elaboration some wine has been used, the best thing is to drink the same.