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Properties of the Grape Isabella (Black grape - Vitis Labrusca)


In addition to its delicious taste, pleasant color and aroma, the grapes in their ripe state are rich in vitamins A, B and C. They contain healthy sugar, in particular glucose, which is the muscle fuel and the same that contains the blood plasma. They contain the triad that forms the hemoglobin in the blood: iron, copper and manganese. They are special by the phosphorus that they take in the form of lecithin.

They are a good restorative because of their high vitamin content.

This fruit drains the bile ducts, allows a true washing or purification of the toxic substances to the outside, through the bile.

Regarding cancer, science has already indicated its preventive action.

Different antioxidant substances are found in the skin, such as flavones that protect blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis and stimulate the immune system.

Another substance that contains the grape is resveratrol that has been shown to be effective in preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers have shown that resveratrol, which abounds in the skin of black grapes, is able to stimulate sirtuins, cellular enzymes that delay aging and which could prevent geriatric diseases such as Alzheimer's.