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Tit for Tat


A romantic date

This is one of the most special occasions to sip a drink slowly. The wine can accentuate a good climate and its aroma will make us remember that moment forever. If it is a cold night, think of an intimate encounter, in a warm atmosphere, near a fireplace, delighting us with succulent and appetizing foods; therefore, a deep red, with body, of denser textures and of greater structure in the mouth is recommended. It is better if you already have a good time of aging. These are called breeding, reservation or large reserve. Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon are some of the ones we can add to our list.

But if we talk about a day of high temperatures, we have a good excuse to enjoy a night under the stars. Light dishes, with fish or seafood, asparagus or beans, can be very well accompanied with a fresh and fruity white wine. Likewise, we can taste a sparkling wine to close the night.

A gather between friends

The best wine for a decontracté encounter can be a casual and light one. Then the indicated one is a red young or of year; that is, that no time has passed in the barrel. Another option to consider, what accompanies very well cheeses, cold meats and dry vegetables with different dips, are white wines or dry sparkling wines.

Meeting between women

Pink is the most feminine wine, but not because of color but because it is usually the favorite of ladies. Although there are a few prejudices against this variety, it is very tasty. Its freshness and sweetness combine very well with salads, goat's cheese, cold meats and pâté, especially for the hottest days. If as main course we have a funghi risotto, you can opt for a red. But if the main course is pasta, an aromatic white and aged can become an excellent alternative for females who know how to choose a good bottle.

A main dish to celebrate

We have an important dinner, with a meal that imposes itself. For example, red meats deserve to be accompanied by potent and concentrated red wines. If it is a very spicy dish, a Cabernet will make us look as it should.

Uncorking in solitude, an instant of pleasure

Why not enjoy a moment alone, quiet. Any variety can be indicated but a dry and neutral character will allow us to accompany any menu.

Chin Chin

Any strain can be the ideal excuse for the toast, but usually, on these occasions choose the sparkling, such as a delicious champagne. We can also find in our cell that we had saved for a special day, which surely will have a suitable time of aging.

Finally, one more tip

Remember that wine is not a concoction to quench thirst. The main concept to enjoy this great broth is to sip it, keep it in the mouth to perceive each flavor and finally let it go down slowly by the throat.