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Who we are?

VICOSA is a Costa Rican company born with the purpose of satisfying the tastes and preferences of consumers, actively promoting the culture of wine consumption and good living.

We are committed to the innovation and differentiation of our wines, carefully selecting the different varieties of grapes, to carefully elaborate our products. In this way we have brought to the market six wines in three brands: La Casa de La Garita, TEBER and soon Büké, which enjoy a true relationship of good taste, quality and price of our products.

The personalized attention and professionalism, are fundamental factors of our service, guaranteeing the best cost benefit and developing solid relations with our clients.

In our facilities the visitor can appreciate the elaboration of wines, from the selection of the fruit, maturation, packaging in atmosphere, to the packing and the adequate storage of the product.

Tasting, wholesaling and detailing.





Remain for many years satisfying the preferences of our consumers.
Seek to be the leading company at national level.



For our customers

Produce wines that satisfy the maximum requirements of our customers, offering them a permanent adaptation to meet their new needs. Our company is 100% Costa Rican so we can assure you that our wines can be consumed with confidence.

For us

Continuously improve our source of employment, to cover the needs of our activity.



VICOSAVinícola Costa Rica SA (VICOSA), founded on July 29, 1997, with a fully Costa Rican capital, registered in the Mercantile Section of the Public Registry in volume 1061, folio 22, seat 27, with legal document No. 3-101-211796.

It was created with the purpose of elaborating grape wine, taking advantage of the crops of eleven national farmers.

In Costa Rica there is no tradition for wines because no grapes have ever been produced, in the last 10 years a group of Costa Ricans decided to start this risky venture; "The cultivation of the grape".

The origin of the vineyards was due to a treaty between the Government of Costa Rica and Taiwan. Twenty years ago, the first agreements of the Technical-Agricultural Mission of Taiwan with the University of Costa Rica were signed and the first fifty varieties were tested at the Fabio Baudrit Station. Based on this test the Chinese technicians determined five varieties, which were considered as the most promising, from this moment the technology began at national level.

But these farmers were not satisfied simply to decorate our soils with this crop when planting and selling grapes, but they gave to Costa Rica, the first Industry of Young Wines and the second one in Central America.

The plant is located in La Garita de Alajuela, one of the areas where land and climate have the characteristics conducive to the cultivation and processing of grapes.

This plant was brought from Italy and installed in Costa Rica. At the plant, our visitors can appreciate winemaking, from fruit selection, brewing, juice extraction, fermentation, filtration, maturation, microfiltration, packaging, corking, sealing, labeling to packaging and adequate storage of the product.

VICOSA has a great variety of wines since June 1998

  1. Sparkling semi-dry White Wine    
  2. Dry White Wine  
  3. White Wine “champagne”   
  4. Sweet White Wine   
  5. Dry Red Wine  
  6. Sweet Red Wine    
  7. Sparkling Pink Wine     

White and rosé wines are made with Ruby Seedles grapes, grown in Costa Rica and juices from Italy and Chile (Sauvignon - Malvoise - Chenin Blanc); the reds are made with Isabella grapes, grown in our soil and concentrated juices of Chilean or Mexican, Argentinian or Italian origin which are constituted by different grape varieties (Cavernet Sauvignon and Merlot) and mix of the two, because these varieties of grapes are not given in Costa Rica.

These wines have been very well received by both domestic and foreign consumers, in the national market are under two presentations "La Casa" and "TEBER" which means eagle in the native language "Cabécar" own of the region of Talamanca, in the south of our country. For the foreign market we intend to include the brand "BUKË" which means golden toad in the aboriginal language "Bribrí", in the northern part of our country.

Wine Process in Costa Rica

You will be able to appreciate the elaboration of the wine, from the pruning of the plant to the final product.