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VICOSA offers seven varieties of wine. These types can be found under three trademarks, La Casa, Teber and soon Bukë for export. The price for each bottle of wine goes from ¢ 3,000, oo in general.


White Wines

Table young wine with a very strong straw color, crystalline transparency. The smell is delicate for the nose, in the mouth is a wine with fruity flavor.


Sweet White Wine

Suitable to accompany desserts and fruits.


Dry White

Special to drink alone or accompany seafood and white meats.


White wine “champagne”

Suitable to accompany fish, seafood, salami, pizza, white meats, snacks, fruits, and especially toasts.


Sparkling semi-dry White Wine

Suitable to accompany meals such as pizza and cheese, ideal for social gatherings.

Blanco Semiseco Espumoso


Red Wines

Red wine, ruby color, crystalline transparency. In the nose, it smell is delicate and in the mouth is a wine with a delicious fruity taste.


Sweet Red Wine

Perfect to accompany spicy foods, you can also drink it alone.


Dry Red Wine

Ideal to accompany meats, roasts, pasta with meat sauce or alone.



Pink Wine


Sparkling Pink Wine

Table wine young, soft pink color, crystal clear. In the nose is delicate, in the mouth is a wine with fruity flavor, suitable to accompany pasta and seafood or alone.